Press image: How to Make a Methodist Salad, 2008. Dancer and choreographer: Abigail Wallace. Photo by Kate Matthews.


Press Image: How to Make a Methodist Salad, 2015. Choreography by Abigail Wallace. Dancers L-R: Liz Naro, Paula Giammarco, Rachel Zappala, and Ayelet Haran. Photo by Beth Mercurio.

As an artist, I create as a matter of course.  However, I don’t exist in a bubble.  I create in order to express myself and to give a new experience to my audience members.  I craft with you in mind, and here are some responses to my work:

Maryland Theatre Guide, 4/17/2015: “Revisions & Extrapolations” by Barbara Blank.

Maryland Theatre Guide, 12/12/2014: “The Interpersonal Underworld” by Barbara Blank.

Art Beat, 12/10/2014: “The Interpersonal Underworld” mentioned by Lauren Landau.

DC Theater Scene, 7/13/2014: “The Interpersonal Underworld” reviewed by Kathleen Joyce.

DC Metro Theater Arts, 7/14/2014: “The Interpersonal Underworld” reviewed by Cyle Durkee.

“Congratulations, @ACWDances! Beautiful dancers beautiful choreography and one heck of an ensemble.” – Sara Herrera, director of Aras Dance

“I hope you know, you made this event.” – audience member, in response to ACW Dances’ performance at Gallery Underground

“Abigail crafted a delicate, exploratory, and site-specific journey through an urban landscape using space and light; it was arresting.  With her pale white skin and simple black dress, she appeared in stark contrast to the shiny steel.  I couldn’t stop photographing her performance!” – Cyrus Khambatta, Beyond the Threshold Festival Director, in response to In the Hidden Spaces

“For my birthday last year, Abby gave me one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten: a choreographed performance to one of my favorite songs. This performance changed the way that I look at the song and its rhythm. More importantly, though, it transformed the way I experience music in my everyday life–now I no longer think of music without a corporeal form. Dancers like Abby are the ones who bring music to life.” – LS, friend

“Abby – the choreography is amazing!   I deeply love it.  You totally get what I’m going for in the music, and what it’s about.”  – MCS, composer & collaborator, in response to “Regression to the Mean”

“What a BEAUTIFUL performance for Mark Charles Smith’s kickoff for his CD, Aspens!!!  We truly enjoyed it.  Your dance entwined so nicely with his lovely compositions.  How lucky we were to be there!  Thank you for sharing your talent – so much appreciated!” – Moore Music Company, Greensboro, NC


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