The Interpersonal Underworld

The Interpersonal Underworld is a show that premiered in the DC Fringe Festival of 2014 and was subsequently premiered in Virginia December 2014. The show investigates issues of group behavior and interaction through two 20-minute dances linked by common threads. The show title comes from behavior scientist William Schutz who studied interpersonal relations through inclusion, control, and affection. His hypothesis is that developing groups must move through those three stages in that specific order, and that groups may devolve to earlier stages if they are unable to resolve issues at a particular stage. Because this deals with issues largely unseen and beneath the surface, he called these dynamics “the interpersonal underworld.”

Regression to the Mean, a 20-minute duet for two women, opens the show. Optimal Distinctiveness, a roughly 20-minute long quintet, serves as the second half of the continuous performance. Run time: 60 minutes.  To learn more about Regression and Optimal Distinctiveness, visit those specific pages.

Fringe preview video here. Full December video here.

Personality is a construct of our interactions with others. #buildyours



ACW Dances in “The Interpersonal Underworld.” Photo by Jason Allen, 2014.


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