Past Work

My work has been produced across America and in Japan.  Featured on the site are three works for the stage: The Red Queen’s Hypothesis (2008), Crossed Lines (2008), and Rinne/Interregnum (2012).  In the Hidden Spaces (2012) is an improvisational score for outdoor sites.  I also have one live work, How to Make a Methodist Salad, that premiered as a solo in 2008 but is in the process of an evening-length re-imagining.  As such it is listed under “current projects.”  Any of my past work is available for re-staging, fees commensurate with the time it takes to set the work.  I am available to teach residencies at companies and schools that culminate in the setting of a past or new work.

If You Give a Girl a Camera… is an ongoing dance for camera series made in response to friends’ birthday musical choices.  I began the series while living in Japan, finding myself without an artistic outlet for the first several months.  The process is relatively standardized and the goal is to leave much of the operations to chance.  First, a person picks a song entirely unknown to me.  It must be a song that the person feels strongly about, or for some reason is on the mind as of late.  Then I listen to the song perhaps once or twice, to get the feeling as I believe it relates to the person who gave it to me.  I then choose a costume and location, shoot footage, and edit as quickly as I can.  The films are edited without me listening to the music, leaving synchronicity up to chance.  The series has given me the ability to delve into vastly different styles of dance and music, and as such each film is unique, reflecting the moment in which it was made.  Since returning to America I have made a few films, but regrettably the series is suffering due to my recent lack of time.  I anticipate continued work on the series over the years, with new installments from time to time.  To request a film, please contact me.  The films may be viewed on ACW Dances.


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