Rinne/Interregnum premiered in Japan in the spring of 2012.  It was danced by myself and Shio Shinoda, a close friend, collaborator, and fellow ModernDanceYou Co. company member in Gifu.  The duet grew from a solo I began during my year in Seattle (2009-2010), and shifted in response to my time in Japan and my relationship with Shio.  The Japanese name, Rinne, is the name of the Buddhist wheel of fate or reincarnation.  Interregnum literally refers to the moment in a kingdom when one ruler has passed and the next one has yet to be instated.  The dual names belie the dual nature of the piece, and the two disparate worlds the dancers come from.  Throughout the dance we are constantly cycling, shifting and sharing power, becoming each other and then morphing into ourselves again.


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