ACW Dances artistic director Abigail offers Creative Movement classes by request. Classes are developed in sessions of 6, 8, or 10 and priced accordingly (view rates below). Groups may email and request classes. Minimum participation is 6 children per group.

It is Abigail’s intent to nurture your child’s individual movement preferences while also educating your child in developmentally appropriate dance technique.  She teaches using elements of ballet, modern, and brain dance technique.  All children are encouraged to experiment and explore along the way, in an environment where no movement is wrong.

Personal 201520150210_164436Current Classes
None current; build your group and request your class!

Classes are $20 per class. Total tuition depends on session length: in the past I have taught 10-, 6-, and 4-session classes.

A $100 deposit is required upon registration to hold your child’s spot. This deposit is non-refundable. Remaining tuition is due by the first class. Drop-in classes are $30/class.

For more information, please email acwdancesco (at)


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