Introducing: ACW Dances

I’ve been absent from writing posts for some time now, because instead of being in the seats at dance shows I’ve been on stage!  This is an exciting development for me as an artist in the DC area.  On August 4, 2013, I debuted my own company, ACW Dances, at The Athenaeum in Alexandria, VA.  I produced a 20-minute long trio featuring two dancers and a musician titled Regression to the Mean.

Inspired by animal behavior research, the dance examines relationships between its subjects — two women.  The title describes the mathematical law that if a variable is extreme when first measured, on subsequent measurements it will fall closer to the average (the mean).  Additionally, if a variable is closer to the average on its first measurement it will subsequently become more extreme.  As the women embark on a journey to re-define their relationships, at times they find themselves stuck in old habits, regressing to the mean, and at times they break through to anew place.  At the end, it is up for the audience to decide if headway has been made or not.

More than 40 people turned out for our show and gave us great support.  We are touring the dance to Greensboro, NC, for our musician’s CD-release party on 9/28/2013.  After this time I will be back in the studio creating a new piece (which I will need a few more dancers for, so stay tuned for auditions)!  I am also excited to announce the company’s Kickback Kickoff Party, hosted by Jaleo Crystal City, on 10/14/2013.  Admission is $20 in advance, $25 at the door, and free for kids under 5.

For more on ACW Dances, check out the rest of my site!


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