Remembering Why We Started

There are times we all feel like giving up, like what we do doesn’t matter, or that we’ll never get to the places we want to be.  I am guilty of thinking this way more often than I like to admit to myself or others.  However, walking the High Line Park in Chelsea, New York, I came upon a wonderful sight.  Two technically gorgeous modern dancers were improvising and a wonderful little girl joined them.  I was moved almost to tears, as I remembered what has spurred me to dance for almost 21 years now: the sincere love of being in motion, and the inability to resist bursting into dance at any time or place.  This little girl embodied all of that, and I hope to hold on to her lesson.


One response to “Remembering Why We Started

  1. That skyline is a super fun walk, isn’t it? And how beautiful that it helped you remember why you started to dance to begin with. 🙂

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