Welcome to All the Modern Dances, the old home of my dance company. We used to be ACW Dances, and now we are Small Creatures Dance Project. If you came here looking for the company, please visit smallcreaturesdance.org.

The part of this site that is still operational is the blog. I like to dabble in dance writing from time to time, and when I do, I’ll post show reviews and ruminations here. Now, here’s a little about me, so you know I have the credentials to both destroy and praise dance shows (and let’s be honest, it’s going to be both):

I am a professional modern dancer and arts administrator. I am a classically trained dancer of Western forms such as ballet, modern, and jazz, and I love dancing contact improvisation and participating in performance improvisation. In May 2009 I earned an MFA in dance from the University of Colorado in Boulder, where I concentrated in somatics, pedagogy, performance, and choreography. I moved from Boulder, CO, to Seattle, WA, in August of 2009 in order to pursue professional dance with the Khambatta Dance Company, run by Cyrus Khambatta. While in Seattle, I originated the Dance Institute component of Beyond the Threshold International Dance Festival, which I administered for several years. From 2010-2012 I lived in Gifu, Japan, and danced with ModernDanceYou Co. Currently I live in the greater DC area and have danced with several local companies and independent artists, including The Playground (Daniel Burkholder) and Choreographer’s Collaboration Project. I also helmed my own work under the moniker ACW Dances from 2013-2018, and now run the same company under the name Small Creatures Dance Project.

Enjoy the blog, and happy dancing!

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