Welcome to All the Modern Dances, home of my blog by the same name and my personal website.  I am Abigail Wallace, and I currently create dance performances under the name ACW Dances.  As of 5/10/2013, ACW Dances is a sponsored project by Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)(3) based in New York.  This is an exciting development as it allows larger fundraising goals, the ability to interact with communities and business networks on a higher level, and provides the framework necessary to apply for grants.  To learn more, visit the Support page.

Announcements: You can catch us on 5/2/14 at Gallery Underground in Crystal City, VA, where we’ll perform as part of a gallery opening titled “Mayhem” from 5-8 PM.  We were also recently accepted into the DC Fringe Festival for July 2014, where we’ll perform July 12 at 4:15, July 18 at 6:15, July 20 at 2:15, July 23 at 9:30, and July 25 at 7:45.  All showtimes are PM.  Tickets will be available June 19 at Capital Fringe!

In order to afford the Fringe Festival, we are holding a spring fundraiser on IndieGoGo.  Visit SEND ACW DANCES TO THE FRINGE and donate today!  Your donation helps me get closer to my goal of paying a decent stipend to my collaborators.  All donations are celebrated, no matter the size.

My mission as an artist is to engage with the community around me through performance and collaborative projects.  ACW Dances operates on the premise that art needs to be accessible regardless of economic status and that artists should be paid for their time, hard work, and talent.  It is my goal to offer at least two free performances yearly, along with one ticketed performance.  After each performance audiences are invited to stay for a moderated Q&A discussion based on Liz Lerman’s critical response process.  In this way, ACW Dances is able to connect to the community directly, which furthers communication and understanding of the experience, giving it deeper meaning and context.  I also am committed to paying the artists who work with me, which to date have included local dancers and musicians.

I currently live, teach, and dance in the greater DC area.  My personal modern aesthetic is highly physical and steeped in contact improvisation and ballet techniques.  I often begin my work from a scientific perspective, with the goal of investigating a scientific theory or discovery through movement.  I have several projects in the works.  Currently I am finishing a concert titled The Interpersonal Underworld, to premiere in July 2014.  Future planned projects include the homage to my Midwestern roots, How to Make a Methodist Salad, and Curioser and Curioser, an epic story of loneliness and alienation inspired by research collected by the Mars Rover Curiosity.

These and other ongoing projects are detailed under the “current projects” heading as information becomes available.  You can find out more about my personal philosophy and dance aesthetic on the “about me” page, as well as the story behind the inception of All the Modern Dances.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and engage with my work.  I welcome communication, am open to teaching, choreography, and performance gigs across America and abroad, and collaborations of all kinds.

Follow @ACWDances on Twitter, like ACW Dances on Facebook, and visit Fractured Atlas to learn more!

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